Carsparefinder helps to locate and get cheaper prices for spares supplied by linking up with vehicle breaker yards nationwide. Checked and guaranteed and significantly cheaper than buying new from a dealership and have it delivered to your home or work. Your own personal results screen showing quotes and information on out of stock information updated as suppliers respond. This is a great way to get genuine parts where up to 80% savings can be achieved.

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  • 01.33pm: 4D4 Pump 1782cc. For year 2012 : ID=43130028061
  • 01.56am: t3 1.4d4d Mechanical 1999. For year 2011 : ID=43130027799
  • 07.56pm: 87940 Neck 1.9. For year 2010 : ID=43130016940
  • 05.47am: gls estate AFM 22.31. For year 2009 : ID=43130027112
  • 12.10pm: afh70m-23 Tanks 2 litre turbo diesel. For year 2008 : ID=43130027804
  • 01.52pm: 2.0 D4D AFM 3lt v6. For year 2007 : ID=43130010876

  • Quotes for your TOYOTA AVENSIS FUEL SYSTEM SPARES from a multiple of souces.
  • Massive savings can be found on FUEL SYSTEM SPARES, compared to the main dealers.
  • Vehicle dismantlers offer guarantees on all AVENSIS spares, various periods based on the item.
  • Re-using any FUEL SYSTEM SPARES suitable for your TOYOTA AVENSIS helps save energy and promotes green issues.

  • Engine Sizes, Derivative and Year.

    t4 cvt 1.8 L. 2006, any 1998. 2005, TD, ssr-x 1792. 2004, cdx 1794 cc. 2003, GS VVT-4 2.4 D. 2002, VVTI T22 3.00. 2001, SR D4D 2L. 2000, Auto VVTI 2995. 1999, vvt 1.33. 1998, T Spirit 2.4 td. 1997, 2.0 t3 d4d 2.0. 1996, T Spirit 2ltr Diesel 2.2L. 1995, le 1995. 1994, sxi 3L Turbo Diesel. 1993, SXI 3.0 . 1992, 2.0 D4D 2.0l. 1991, gti 1792. 1990, 1.8 vvti . 1989, hilux mk3 1.4 petrol. 1988,

    Many yards are Toyota specialists with clear advice on used Fuel System Spares suitable for the Avensis and its derivatives. Guarantees are offered on most options. You can assist by providing accurate registration details and any part numbers for your vehicle within the form. Deliveries are also priced within the quote.