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  • 06.17pm: Avensis Hatchback (03 08) FUEL FLAP CATCH SYSTEM . For year id=1599174 .
  • 01.24pm: Avensis Hatchback (03 08) FUEL FLAP CATCH SYSTEM 2.4. For year id=1591660 Filler Flap Solenoid .
  • 05.59pm: Avensis Hatchback (03 08) d4d TURBO CHARGER . For year 2005 id=1590641 .

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  • 06.17pm: Avensis Hatchback (03 08) Fuel System Spares id=1599174
  • 09.33pm: Avensis Saloon (03 08) Fuel System Spares 2.2 2008 id=1598858
  • 04.34pm: Avensis Saloon (03 08) Fuel System Spares 2.2 2008 id=1598746
  • 05.56am: Avensis Hatchback (97 03) Fuel System Spares 2001 id=1598526
  • List Requested Years Derivatives Engine Size

    . 2.2 2008. 2.2 2008. 2001.d4d 2.2 d4d 2006.d4d 2.2 d4d 2006. . 2000. 1.8 VVT-i 2000 2001.
    Fuel Pumps, Turbo Chargers, Presure Regulators, Sender Units and Sensors
    Avensis Turbo Charger Avensis Fuel Injection Pump Avensis Fuel Pump Avensis Fuel Sender Unit
    Avensis Diesel Pump Avensis Fuel Pressure Regulator Avensis Fuel Pressure Sensor Avensis Stepper Motor
    Avensis Throttle Potentiometer Avensis Turbo Pressure Sensor Avensis Vacum Pump

    Fuel Tank Diesel, Common Rail, Filler Kneck Pipe, Lockable Cap and Flaps
    Avensis Diesel Fuel Tank Avensis Fuel Common Rail Avensis Fuel Filler Kneck Pipe Avensis Fuel Flap
    Avensis Lockable Fuel Cap

    Air Flow Meter, Carburettor, Fuel ECU, Pump Relay Glow Plug Relay and Inlet Manifold
    Avensis Air Flow Meter Avensis Carburettor Avensis Fuel Pump Relay
    Avensis Glow Plug Relay Avensis Inlet Manifold

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